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Je reprends un post de rédigé par Kulten. Il dresse une liste de ces petites pédales que j'adore.

OK, let's have a look... because I think Synth Pedals are the coolest thing in the world ! A synthesizer in you pocket, trigged by anything you want ! Dreamland...

some are filters, some are synths, some are both, some are mono, some are poly...

wich one do you know/use/like/hate ?

BOSS SYB-3 bass synthesizer :

these are my samples

BOSS SYB-5 bass synthesizer :

these are my samples

AKAI SB-1 "deep impact" :

review :

sounds :

unofficial :

from Akaï official site :

image :

DIGITECH "bass synth wah :

DIGITECH "synth wah :

IBANEZ SB-7 "synthesizer bass"

more a filter than a synth :

ELECTRO HARMONIX Micro Bass Synthesizer :

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Cher 22/02/2007 01:44

The samples are good. So how much is BOSS SYB-3 bass synthesizer?

Kulten 02/05/2006 08:54

j'ajoute encore celles-ci :

le WP-20G "Wave Processor" :


IMAGE (on peut lire "saw lead, square, ring mod"... miam !) :

faut juste un adaptateur Roland GK et une basse ou une guitare...

DOD FX25 :


et dans un forum on m'a indiqué ça :

Sonosaur Analog Bass Pedal Synthesizer with Pots