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Voic un groupe comme je les aime : du grand n'importe quoi, mais l'attitude y est! Ils s'apellent 8 bit Weapon et détournent de vieux jeux électroniques pour faire de la musique. Les quelques extraits disponibles sur leur site vous donneront un aperçu. Visuellement, ils ont l'air à bloc. A ne pas rater s'ils tournent en Europe.

Voici une bio complète en anglais :

8 Bit Weapon is the musical project of Nand and Nora.

The Story

Nand and Nora were born and raised on a planet far from Earth, near Nebula C64. On their planet, occupations were pre-determined at birth. Nand and Nora grew up as classmates in the Space Exploration Program where they were molded into fine future Space Pioneers, having undergone rigorous training and countless simulation programs (also known as "video games") from an early age. Sharing a common interest in music and these simulation games, Nand and Nora became great friends and spent a lot of their off-time finding more games to play and music to hear.

Nand and Nora graduated at the top of their class and entered their predestined profession with much respect from established Space Men & Women. But though they were quite skilled in their work as intrepid space adventurers, Nand and Nora quickly grew bored of researching uncharted corners of the galaxy day in and day out, and longed for the carefree days of music and simulation games.

One morning on their way to an assignment in Sector 6581, they stumbled upon an abandoned space-junkyard. Floating around in the masses were some of the old 8-Bit machines used for simulation games back at the Space Program!

They quickly opened the hatches and snagged as many parts they could find. A few hours later they were playing games just like old times, and the glorious bleeps and bloops of the simulations were music to their ears. They were so happy to have music again, they even began playing the machines like musical instruments, creating music of their own.

Suddenly it dawned on them that they couldn't spend the remainder of their lives couped up inside a space ship in some no-name galaxy. They cranked the ship into 47th gear and warped on out of there, never to look back.

The Epilogue

Nand and Nora are now hiding out on planet Earth, disguised as natives with average full-time desk jobs, cars, and personal computers. On Earth, video games and music are EVERYWHERE! Here the duo has found even more equipment to make music with including additional obsolete video game systems, electronic toy instruments, and even some real wooden drums. And as long as Nand and Nora aren't discovered by their space employers, they can continue to play video games and make video game style music with their machines to their hearts' content.

Some people really like the music that Nand and Nora make, and will travel great distances to see them perform their songs live and in person.

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