Haptic Glope - Projet d'interface

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C'est un gant qui sert d'interface, lorsque 2 personnes se connectent, elles créent un mix des musiques qu'elles écoutent.
Nouvelle façon de communiquer? Nouvel outil de création?
La vidéo devrait éclaircir mon propos. Cette interface n'est pour l'instant q'un prototype développé par Kaho Abe et Jung Sin.

What is it?

A simple gesture as a hand wave or a handshake is universal. It's a way to greet and communicate in any social environments. Deriving from this basic human behavior, the Haptic Glove creates a situation where the hand gesture holds or creates another meaning. Through the usage of sensors and sound, the Haptic Glove provides music as another language for the users to interact with. Music is a form of communication. Music transcends language barriers, creating opportunities for people to communicate even if they do not understand each other's spoken words. The users who wear our gloves can create musical compositions by linking hands together. With this simple physical gesture, the users are able to make a connection with others and feel as if their body is producing the sound.

The hand holding is important for the Haptic Interface attempts to physically bring people together. Due to the simple understanding of a hand gesture, the users will not feel intimidated to try this technology, in result creating an environment that is comfortable and natural. Since the hand gesture is universal, the Haptic Glove hopes to entice people to interact and create an environment that is fun and barrier-free.

Desired Outcome

Interaction through physical touch and mixed sounds create a new level of communication beyond the limits of words and linguistic fence. The Haptic Musical Glove is a work in progress. We hope to develop more gloves so multiple users may participate.

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