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Once again, it is time to introduce some fresh new music into your life: with Mixed Tape 07 Mercedes-Benz presents a brand new instalment of its hugely successful free music compilation.
Until the 26th of July 05 we invite you to explore, download and enjoy 15 exceptional tracks by outstanding international newcomers at

The current compilation opens with Micatone - a Berlin-based collective who have made it their mission to turn club-oriented beats into the finest of pop tunes.
But in view of the huge variety of styles and sounds the global music scene has to offer, we have also come up with many further discoveries between Sao Paulo, Bucharest and Tokyo: whether cool R'n'B (Kaye Ree), East meets West (Computerjockey, Electric Brother, DabBuka Projekt) or felicitous transcontinental collaborations (e. g. between London-based dub specialist Tubbs and New Zealand natives Fat Freddy's Drops) - Mixed Tape 07 again assembles stunning, intelligent gems from around the world.

Please note - to keep up with the ever-changing music scene, Mixed Tape also stays on the move: from the 26th of July 05 the above-mentioned URL will feature this compilation's brand new successor. And there are four more Mixed Tapes to come in 2005 - a new release every eight weeks!

Enjoy the mix

Your Mercedes-Benz Team

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