Les loops de Bourbon Breaks

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Quelques loops connues mais au format : wav.
Pratique si vous n'avez pas les originaux en full quality.

These samples are from the original source songs they came from. They are from genuine compilation and album cd's available in shops. If you are on a slow connection, you should get a download manager program which will allow you to download these files in a resumable fashion for convenience.

Ann Alford - Gotta get me a job
(Comment from phatdrumloops) Definitely check this one out, with nice, clear snare and bass drums that add a good kick to the mix. Can't relate to the words, though, I got to get me the fuck outta' my job... From a funk compilation cd. (Added 27/01/04)

Banbarra - Shack up
A rough and brutal break thats been used in tunes like 'Un-Cut - Chinese silk', 'Jonny L & Optical - Viper' and 'Tomahawk - Strictly Ballroom'. It's been caned by Twisted Individual and garage producers as well. From a funk compilation cd.

Bobbi Humphrey - Jasper country man
A percussion break you're probably not familiar with. From a jazz compilation cd.

Bobby Byrd - I know you got soul
A punchy break you're probably not familiar with. From a funk compilation cd.

Boymerang - Balance of the force

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