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Un gros chocho du DIY.

James E.Phillips est ingé son et développe ses propres machines. Une galerie à ne surtout pas louper. Le site est lent mais vaut vraiment le détour.

My name is James E.Phillips II. I am a Sound Engineer and electronic music enthusiast. I build my own Synthesizer & Recording devices. I am also into DIY tube amps & DIY tube HiFi. RetroSonik is the brand name I have chosen for my 'little creations". I have also built these musical instruments for other people. I don't take on commissions to build custom items. All of the things I build are unique,handmade devices & ,only occasionally will I put one up for sale. Look for links to pictures of my devices, also, I will put up pages outlining some of the techniques I have developed in building some of these items. There are a lot of High resolution photos, so if you use a dial up connection, turn your accelerator way up so these pages will download, quickly.
I am currently in the middle of putting together more pages of info & pictures - for DIY Synth enthusiasts and novices. Stay tuned...

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