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Machine à jouer de la guitare nommée CRAZY J. Impossible de savoir si cette chose est MIDI, ce serait peut-être interressant…

Quote> This project was created as a part of the Georgia Tech graduate Mechatronics class (6405), by Jason Lawrence, Turner Howard and Susan Knueven. The various links listed to the left will connect you to pictures of the Crazy J, sound clips of the Crazy J actually playing, and technical information on the workings of the Crazy J.
Special thanks goes to John Witzel for his electronic expertise, John Graham for his help in the machine shop, and to the original Crazy J himself, for the inspiration.

The guitar player is composed of two mechanical systems that interact to play a range of 29 musical notes. A plucking mechanism with six independently controlled picks is mounted over the body of the guitar and a fingering mechanism with an array of 23 fingertips is mounted over the first four frets of the fingerboard.

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