ElectroKraft Introduces Space*Synth Retro Synthesizer

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ElectroKraft.com announced the resurrection of the 1980's video game Space Invaders in a little modular synth box called the Space*Synth. This device uses the original synth chip from the 1980's video arcade game Space Invaders.

Tony Amendolare from ElectroKraft.com has been creating experimental electronic instruments and effects that are influenced by the burgeoning new sounds in the areas of chip music, experimental electronica, noise and circuit bending. "I have recently discovered a marvelous synthesizer chip that was developed in the late 70's and used in the video arcade games of the 1980's, such as Space Invaders. These are sounds I remember as a kid and they're the sounds electronic musicians are seeking to incorporate into new music. People are currently using old Atari video game consoles, Commodore 64's and Game Boy's to create a new form of music using vintage video game sounds."

"The sound generator chip I'm using in the Space*Synth is wired so that you can recreate all of the sounds of "Space Invaders" and other video games of the 1980's such as "Pong", "Donkey Kong" and "Asteroids". In addition to these video game sounds you can also easily create a host of other "alien" sounds and effects."

You can use the Space*Synth as a stand alone space synthesizer or plug in a guitar, bass, vocals or any other electronic musical instrument and have the Space*Synth process the signal. There is also a VCO input jack where you can plug in another synthesizer or oscillator to create a ring modulation effect.

The Space*Synth features standard 1/4" in/out jacks and runs on 9 Volt battery or 9 Volt universal adapter power jack. It's encased in an aluminum modular box.

The Space*Synth is availble now direct from ElectroKraft. List price: $189.00

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