SonicImpact SoundPads

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Un gadget comme je les aime : Transformez tout ce qui vous passe par la tête en haut-parleur pour un prix raisonnable : 20$

SoundPads stick-on speakers transfer sound to any surface you stick them on. SoundPads convert posters, bookcases, tables, doors - any thin-walled high-transmission surface into permanent stereo speakers! Sound quality varies depending on the surface you peel and stick them on, so be creative!
These are designed to stick permanently to the location to which they are adhered. A bit of trial and error in choosing where to mount the sound pad is recommended. For example, you might find improved sound quality in one area of a framed picture by sliding the pad on its surface (before peeling to expose the adhesive), so be creative *before* you give these a permanent home...

SonicImpact SoundPads

Converts any thin-walled high-transmission surface into permanent stereo speakers, including posters, pictures, bookcases, boxes and more
Contains 2 stick-on speakers
Discrete, ingenious, peel and stick design
Makes most surfaces thump with sound
Wire to almost any amplifier (speaker wire not included)
Impedance: 8 Ohms
Recommended Power: 10W - 50W input
Power Rating: 6W each
Weight: 2 oz each
Dimensions: 4.2" dia. x .9" H

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tome 08/06/2005 10:04

well, very easy ; one on my left ear the other on the right one. an other solution is more complicated, but i know that u know what i mean - i'll try and tell u about ;-) Cheers.

greg 03/06/2005 13:26

Tell me where you're goin to fix it mate? 8)

tomi 02/06/2005 16:22

well, i would try to fix it on myself - i would be the transmitter ;-)